The difference between a successful person and others is not a lack of strength, not a lack of knowledge, but rather a lack of will.
Coach Vince Lombardi

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Third Down Sports

About Us.

Third Down is Malaysia’s first and only consulting and training company for the sport of Flag Football.

Run by a passionate team of individuals with more than 20 years of combined experience in the sport, Third Down is Malaysia’s academy for all your Flag Football needs.

We provide coaching to individuals and teams seeking to expand their capability and strategy.  As well, we provide consulting and training to private and international schools on how to adopt Flag Football as part of a co-curriculum program along with certification courses to those interested to become full-time Flag Football coaches.


Certified to run the NFL Flag and USA Football curriculum. Youth that participate will receive a Certificate of Achievement from Third Down and NFL Flag.
NOTE: Extra Curricular are for after school programs at private and international schools.
NFL Flag Elementary School Curriculum
NFL Flag Middle School Curriculum
NFL Flag High School Curriculum


The Team.

Mark Kang

Mark Kang

Mark is the Defense Captain & Coach for Team Juggernauts. His goal is to improve the quality of coaching and athlete development in the Flag Football Community. He believes proper guidance and support avenue would bring out the best of someone to meet their full potential to inspire others.
Haziq Hamid

Haziq Hamid

Passionate about the sport, Haziq is constantly working to create a strong and sustainable foundation for the future of flag football in Malaysia.
Leon Tham

Leon Tham

Leon is an ex-committee member of Malaysia American Football Association (MAFA). His goal is to make Flag Football a mainstream sport that is taught and played in schools in Malaysia.
Daryll Nathaniel

Daryll Nathaniel

Daryll is the co-founder & ex-President of the Malaysia American Football Association (MAFA) & the current Malaysian Ambassador of the International Federation of American Football. His goal is to grow the sport & make Malaysia the hub for Flag Football in South East Asia.

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As a BOUNX Centre, we are fully aligned with the BOUNX methodology for training development to level-up smarter and faster. Our training system provides real-time coach feedback along with a fun, gamified experience.
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